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Honeydew Sleep Company has invented an all-new kind of support pillow, making sleep sweeter than ever for their customers

What do you get when you take a man who grew up in his father’s mattress store and a woman whose life was changed when the right mattress helped heal the bulging disc in her back? A match made in dreamland.

Meet Jonathan and Evita Kunke. Along with Jonathan’s father Fred, the couple took their love of a great night’s sleep to the next level as co-founders of the Honeydew Sleep Company.

“We are a family business that is entirely focused on making the best pillows in the world,” says Jonathan. “My father Fred opened a brick-and-mortar mattress store in 1987 that, over the years, has grown to have four locations. I grew up in that environment, and in 2005 I started working alongside my dad full time; then, Evita came to work at the store in 2013 shortly after we married. Working in the mattress business for so many years gives us a unique perspective because we come from a background where we have been trained to help people achieve proper support and alignment while they sleep.”

One thing the couple observed on the mattress showroom floor was that – after much careful consideration of what mattress would best support their body in achieving the most restful sleep – customers typically considered pillows only as an afterthought.

“There are so many great mattresses,” says Evita, “but we noticed that what was missing was a really great pillow. Our mattress at home is wonderful, but sometimes we’d still wake up feeling sore due to discomfort from the pillows we were using. At our mattress stores, people would come in and find themselves an amazing mattress, but nobody finding a pillow was saying, ‘Oh my God! I love this pillow!’ There just wasn’t any excitement there. So, we started this passion project – for ourselves, family, and friends at first – to create a truly amazing pillow.”

Not Just Another Support Pillow

Jonathan and Evita didn’t want to just create a new support pillow; they wanted to revolutionize people’s pillow experience.

“We made so many prototypes – different shapes, different fabrics, different materials,” says Evita. “We wanted to find the right combination of things that would be supportive, but also have that luxurious feel that is missing from other support pillows. Most of the existing pillows we found that were made for a specific type of support were kind of hard and structured and uncomfortable; they were really only good in maybe one position. We wanted to make a pillow that was much more versatile in both support and comfort.”

The resulting classic pillow, side sleeper pillow, body pillow, and travel pillow they created caused just the stir the couple had hoped for.

“We started to see the reaction we really wanted to see in our stores; people were coming in and becoming fanatical about these pillows,” says Jonathan. “Suddenly, they wouldn't try a mattress without hauling a Honeydew pillow around the store with them and trying every mattress with that pillow because they love it so much. Then we noticed that even if they didn't purchase a mattress that day, they weren’t leaving without our pillows.”

Honeydew Sleep pillows are:

* Handmade in Southern California – unlike most pillows, which are typically made in China. Honeydew has complete control of every aspect of their pillows, from the components used to the design and degree of the curvature on their side sleeper pillows.

* Crafted using specialized equipment that allows Honeydew to make their own fill.

* Made with “virgin foam” that is poured and created just for their pillows and shredded and shaped with their clients’ supreme comfort in mind.

“We love people, we believe in the power of sleep, and we know we can make lives better,” says Evita. “Our pillows are all handmade with love and designed to support every sleeper, no matter what their sleep position or comfort preferences are.”

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